Chair Inspiration

One of the latest trends in decorating right now is painted wood furniture. Especially chairs. Today I am going to show you a few that I have done. My husband and I don’t see eye to eye on this trend.  Personally I love color and think that it’s a great […]

Gaming Chairs

Tribe Graphic

My Tribe

You are my tribe. You are the wives and girlfriends of my husband’s friends who have become my sisters. You are the moms I have met at playgroups, preschool pick-ups and library story telling sessions. You are the women who stood beside me in college, holding my hand as we […]

Staying Determined

It has been two weeks since I joined a gym and since then I have only missed one day.  That day I had to miss because it simply did not fit in my schedule, however, I did manage to take the kids on a two mile walk to make up […]


Birthday Title

It’s My Birthday

Hey there, I know… I know… I disappeared again.  Things got a little crazy around here.  Small disappearances might just be something you will have to get used to, unfortunately.  I would apologize, but it’s my birthday, and I feel slightly entitled and not up to apologizing for shit (not […]

I Love Bread

I am trying to ‘Get Fit‘ this year, and I love bread. I love all breads.  Everything from flavor dense flat breads to light and airy croissants.  Doughnuts, pastries, sandwiches, pizza, bread sticks, even pasta, which isn’t really bread but is full of the same carbohydrates. Trying to get fit […]



X-Files – Thoughts on the New Season

Lets start this post out by saying that I will not be rooting for the Panther’s for the Superbowl.  Partially to please my mother and partially because I had to endure watching their game while I impatiently waited for Mulder and Scully to grace my TV again.  And I mean impatiently. […]

5 Mistakes I Made the Last Time I Tried To ‘Get Fit’

Okay, do you all remember last spring when I wrote up the post about how I was finally going to get fit?  How excited I was… I was working out, eating better, feeling better, and had even bought myself a cute little work out outfit to keep me inspired!  And then […]

5 Mistakes Header


Columbus Day

“In 1492 Christoper Columbus said the ocean blue…” And the world was never the same.   Tomorrow, which is honestly approaching in nearly half an hour as I write this, marks the anniversary of the day Columbus landed in The New World.  And tomorrow is a national holiday here in […]

Why We Aren’t Homeschooling 2

“So… Are You Going To Homeschool?” As a SAHM mom with a bunch of other SAHM friends this question comes up, a lot. Honestly it kind of took me by surprise the first time I got asked it.  Homeschool?  My Children?  Wait?  People who aren’t farmers with highly structured religious […]

Homeschooling Feature


All American Blanket – Week 5

Time For Another Update! Well I have been working hard on this blanket over the past two weeks.  Overall I have been very pleased with my constant progression on this project.  There have been, of course, times when I have done a lot of work on it and times when […]